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Exam datang lagi!

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May 13, 2014

10 foods that beat the blues

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Semoga anda,pembaca-pembaca dalam keadaan sihat dari segi fizikal,mental dan spiritual.InshaAllah.
Ditengah-tengah kesibukan bulan exam ini,semestinya kita sebagai student tak dapat lari dari pelbagai rasa;stress,risau,serabut dsb.Jadi,inshaAllah hari ni saya nak kongsi sedikit tips tentang makanan seharian kita, secara tak langsung dapat meningkatkan produktiviti kita.

 10  foods that beat the blues

1. Feeling stressed? Eat chocolate.
2. Feeling anxious? Eat salmon.
3. Feeling angry? Drink green tea.
4. Feeling sluggish? Eat spinach.
5. Feeling cranky? Eat a handful of berries.
6. Feeling sad? Eat a bowl of cereal.
7. PMSing? Eat eggs.
8. Feeling ornery? Eat an orange.
9. Feeling worried? Eat a bowl of chicken soup.
10. Feeling unsettled? Eat a PB & J.

p/s: sungguh pun memang fitrah seorang yang namanya manusia untuk rasa-rasa sebegini hadir,tapi jika dilayani akan memudaratkan diri sendiri. Jadinya,sebelum ia memakan diri,lebih baik kita mencegahnya terlebih dahulu,as the saying goes prevention is better than cure! Wallahua’am..kita berusaha selebihnya kepada Allah jualah kita berharap :)

 selamat menempuh peperiksaan mendatang!

Medical University of Warsaw


Comfort. That’s what most of us have. A place to call home, a bed to sleep on, plenty of food to eat from, loved ones to feel loved from and even the luxury of a full wardrobe. But, what if those were to be taken from you, so suddenly, so violently, so forcefully, and you had no say regarding it. And you were left astray, homeless. And hungry. And cold.
Would you feel wronged?

Yes! That’s the harsh reality of what Palestinians have been through for decades.
I’m sure all Palestinians have the date 15th May 1948 engraved in their minds.
Muslims all around the world remember this tragically as Nakba Day.
The day Israel celebrates as its Independence Day.
The day where nearly 800 000 Palestinians were violently abolished from their own land, their own homes by the Zionist.

But did you know Nakba Palestine started way back centuries before that? From 1799 when Napoleon tried to sneak way into Palestine to fulfill his own agenda, then the Balfour Declaration in 1917, to the British government roles in the influx of high numbers of Jews in Palestine, followed by the Israel illegal independence in 1948, and it actually goes on to this day.

This year it’s been roughly 66 years since 1948. Palestinian farmers are still being expelled from their own land. Palestinians are driven away from their own home to make way for illegal Israeli settlements. Palestinians are being taken into custody unjustly in Israel prisons, children included. Human rights issues are violated each day. Food, medical aids, sanitations are lacking.  People are killed every day. Innocent civilians, children not spared.

However, as years passes by, it’s a good sign that people all around the globe regardless of religion and nationalities are starting to be aware of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Many organizations have publicly voiced their disagreement of the violation of human rights inflicted on the Palestinians. Boycotts of Israel products campaigns have been carried out all around the globe. Many notable individuals like Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall died while on volunteer missions in Gaza. They too, like many other people of the world, stood in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

A lot of people call this the modern holocaust. Someone also labeled Gaza as the largest open-air prison in the world. This is the reality of what is happening in Palestine to this day.

This year, hopes are being reignited for the liberation of Palestine. Hamas and Fatah have showed signs of reconciliation and to stand together to stand up for Palestine and it’s people.

While this is happening, what are we doing? As a Muslim, have we at least included them in our prayers? Have we at least changed ourselves for the better? When we think of being lazy, let us be reminded of the Palestinians who rebuild their homes numerous times after it’s being destroyed; who despite all the apartheid, never give up on life, who treasure every minute, every second, every day, and uses the time wisely. 

You might think you’re insignificant. But really, you matter! Your donations matter regardless the amount. You, trying to boycott a product, matter. You, yes you! Your prayers definitely matter. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to say a prayer for the people in Egypt, Syria and all around the globe. :)

Medical University of Warsaw

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